Membership in the Society is composed of Schwenkfelder Descendant, Associate, and Life members.

Become a member today!  Download our Exile Society Membership Form.

Print and return to:  Schwenkfeldian Exile Society, 105 Seminary Street, Pennsburg, PA 18073

A Descendant Membership requires proof of lineal descent from the immigrant Schwenkfelder Exiles of 1731 through 1737 and payment of annual dues ($15/year).

An Associate Membership does not require lineal descent, but payment of the same annual dues as a descendant membership is required.

A Life Membership can be either Descendant or Associate and may be obtained upon a one-time payment of the required fee ($300).

Benefits of membership include:

Invitation to the Annual Fall Meeting with a featured speaker

Receipt of an annual newsletter, der Bericht [the news] to keep members informed of news and upcoming events of interest to Schwenkfelder descendants and associates

Receipt of Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center newsletter, Heritage Headlines, with invitation to special events

Various papers, pamphlets, and books (or discounts on same) distributed by the Exile Society – most recently Schwenkfelder Heritage Sites in Southeastern Pennsylvania, 2012

Volunteer opportunities

Members’ dues go towards supporting:

Exile Plaque at Walnut Street area of Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, PA, commemorating the landing of the Schwenkfelder Immigrants

Viehweg Monument upkeep where our ancestors are buried in Silesia

Support of the Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center

Update of families descended from the Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families and made available at Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center

Project of entering the Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families into a genealogy computer program

Maintenance of web page

Annual program, publicity, and refreshments

Postage and handling of correspondence and Newsletter

Download our Exile Society Membership Form.

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