Immigrants/Ship Lists


If you can trace your ancestors to one of the names in these lists and would like further information, then we are looking for you.  Please join our Schwenkfelder Family Tree by contacting the Exile Society, 105 Seminary Street, Pennsburg, PA 18073-1898.  Or see our Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder FamiliesUpdate File Project.

The information and images are excerpts taken from the Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families, printed by the Board of Publication of the Schwenkfelder Church, Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, Samuel Kriebel Brecht, ed., Rand McNally & Co., New York, 1923, pg. 34-44.  The images are used with permission.

Altogether six groups of Schwenkfelders migrated to Pennsylvania from 1731 to 1737.  The term migrations is used here to designate ancestry rather than religious affiliation, and although the largest group arrived in 1734, generally speaking this is the group thought of when speaking of the Schwenkfelder Migrations. Following are the emigrant groups arranged in chronological order.

For convenience of reference the emigrants have been numbered consecutively, beginning with those who started from Europe. The letter E is prefixed before each person who started for Pennsylvania; the letter F followed by a number designates the Family Number where each emigrant’s name is found in the Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families, 1923.

In the Third Migration, the names correspond to the names in Stedman’s True List.  Numbers E 4, E 5, and E 6 of the Second Migration have been left blank, as it has not been possible to determine the names of more than 10 of the 13 persons mentioned by David Schultz. It is hoped that future research may bring to light the missing names.

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