Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center

Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center
103 Seminary Street, Pennsburg, PA

The Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center gives the Exile Society a focal point for its aims and interests.  Housing a magnificent collection of rare books and papers relating to the Schwenkfelder movement, the library contains the historical records left by our ancestors.  Its museum showcases tangible evidence of their lives in household furnishings, farm tools, and even a reconstructed 1826 barn—almost all used or made by Schwenkfelders.

Exiles and their extended families are always welcome to come view the museum or research in the library Tuesday through Sunday.  Some Exiles enjoy volunteering to work with the collections or in education and public service.

The growth of institution has been made possible by the generous gifts of the Exile Society and many of its individual members through three building campaigns, from the first Library building of 1951 to the galleries added in 2001 and 2020.  The official dedications of the latter two building additions have coincided with Gedächtnis-tag (Day of Remembrance).

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