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If you can trace your family back to an Anders, Beyer (Byer / Beer / Beier), Dietrich, Dresher (Drescher), Groh, Hartranft (Herterranft), Heebner (Hübner/Heavener/Hevener), Heydrick, Hoffman, Hoffrichter, John, Krauss (Krause), Kriebel (Krieble / Kribel), Mentzel, Meschter (Meishter / Meisther / Master), Muehmer, Neuman, Reynald, Rinewalt (Reinewald / Reinwald / Reinwalt), Scheps, Schultz (Scholtz / Scholtze), Schubert (Shubert / Shoebart), Seipt (Seibt), Teichman, Wagner (Wagener), Warmer, Weigner / Wiegner, Weiss, Yeakel (Yeakle / Jäckel / Jäkel), then perhaps you are a Schwenkfelder descendant and we are looking for you!

Commencing in 1980 the Exile Society began collecting, at the Schwenkfelder Library, genealogical data to supplement in cataloged clerical form the Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families published in 1923, edited by Dr. Samuel K. Brecht.  A file of family supplement forms (numerically indexed) and of individual name cards (alphabetically indexed) was established.  Descendants (not just members, but anyone who is a lineal descendant) are urged to provide their family information.

To begin registration, please download the Schwenkfelder Families Genealogical Record Supplement sheet which contains space for four generations.  Once completed, save as a PDF file.  You can either print it out on legal-sized paper (2 sides) and mail to:  Schwenkfelder Exile Society, 105 Seminary Street, Pennsburg, PA 18073, or email your PDF file directly to us at

34 thoughts on “Genealogical Record

  1. I am a descendant of Tobias Hartranft from my fathers side. I am very interested in the information about my relatives.

    • Tobias Herterranft (Hartranft) [E 49] of Lauterseiffen, Silesia, b about 1684; d 4 Oct 1758; m 17 Nov 1717, to Barbara Jäckel [E 134], of Ober Harpersdorf, sister of Matthias Jäckel [E 54]. Tobias is probably6 buried in the cemetery of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church near Red Hill, PA, although his grave has not been located. Barbara, his wife, is buried in the Washington Schwenkfelder Cemetery. There is additional information available in the “Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families,” published 1923. Please email: or mail at: 103 Seminary Street, Pennsburg, PA 18073-1898 with specific information or questions. [GR Update File Project Volunteer]

  2. We are researching our family tree and are in awe at all the information we have found. Linda & Jesse Kriebel ~ Michigan

  3. I am a descendant of George Shultz, born 1711 died 1779 and would like to know more about my family history,,please contact with any info you might have.

    • George Schultz [E 1], b 3 Jan 1711; d 1779 (son of George Schultz [E 7], b 15 Feb 1674; d 21 Feb 1754; lived in Nieder Harpersdorf, Silesia; m 15 Jan 1704, Anna Hübner [E 8], of Armenruhe, b 1680; d 17 Oct 1756); m Elizabeth _______. Additional information too voluminous to print here is available in the “Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families,” published 1923. Please contact us by email: or by mail at: 105 Seminary Street, Pennsburg, PA 18073-1898. [GR Update File Project Volunteer]

  4. Near the end of her life, my mother remarked off-handedly about her ancestors, “Oh, they were Schwenkfelders.” Does the name Clemmer (perhaps Klemmer) appear in any society records. I have had no luck with that, but have possible tracings of the family to German-speaking Switzerland. Jeanne in Denver

    • Quite a number of Clemmer names appear in the “Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families.” You would have to supply more information. Only two Klemmer names appear: Elizabeth Klemmer, b 18 Nov. 1818; d 15 Dec 1848; dau of Abraham Klemmer; m 27 Nov 1842, by Rev. George Wack, to Thomas Schultz, b 24 Apr 1812; d 22 June 1895; son of Jacob and Magdalena (Gerhard) Schultz [140-10]. Only one son is listed, Washington, b Oct 1848; d prior to 1879. [GR Update File Project Volunteer]

      • I just discovered your message! Thank you for your reply. I have much investigating to do. Jeanne

        On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 1:58 PM, Society of the Descendants of the

    • Hi my name is John White, and through my searches I do remember the name Klemmer, Clemmer, and the earliest spelling i have seen was Klempt, they camr over to the Colonies in approx. 1733-34 with some of my relatives, George Scholtz, and i believe it was the second migration from germany. I found that info in the Schwenkfelder Genealogy Vol.1. It is accessible on,and i also purchased a cd copy from, very informative and interesting story of our heritage.

      • Thank you, John. I discovered your email today! I’ve printed it for future reference. Jeanne

        On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 2:09 PM, Society of the Descendants of the Schwenkfeldian E wrote:

        > John White ( Shultz ) commented: “Hi my name is John White, and > through my searches I do remember the name Klemmer, Clemmer, and the > earliest spelling i have seen was Klempt, they camr over to the Colonies in > approx. 1733-34 with some of my relatives, George Scholtz, and i believe it > was “

  5. Laura, might I find the Gen. Record of the S– F— in the library? The Denver PL has an excellent genealogy floor, and I will
    probably go to Salt Lake again in August. Thanks for the info you sent. JCC

    • The Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center, as well as many local libraries, have a copy of the “Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families,” but I don’t know about in your location. My suggestion is to contact them directly. [GR Update File Project Volunteer]

  6. I had the following item come up while doing research. It says that one of my ancestors: Susannah C. Horn, daughter of Henry Horn and Elizabeth Horn (Trone) is noted in the following record:
    Genealogical rec. of the Schwenkfelder fams. Sam. Kriebel Brecht, ed. Pennsburg, Pa. 1923. (20, 1752p.): 1508, 1518, Volume: 83, Page Number: 464

    The Horn family is not noted in your list of families. I’m interested in why she’s mentioned in your genealogical record. Could you assist me?

    • The “Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families” (GR), page 1518-19 shows:
      [196-74a] Susannah Caroline Horn, b Sept. 11, 1811; dau of Charles and Elizabeth W. (Deshler) Horn [196-18]; married 1st time, Luther Scott. School teacher from Connecticut. They had 2 children: (1) [196-167] Mary Elizabeth and (2) a son who died in infancy.
      [196-74b] Susannah Caroline (Horn) Scott, married 2nd time, Henry Kipp Joline, son of a Presbyterian Minister. Henry K. Joline was killed in the Civil War. They had 5 children: (1) [196-168] George Hess Joline; (2) [196-169] Warren Henry Joline; (3) [196-170] Louisa Harriet Joline; (4) Winfield S. Joline; and (5) Benjamin Franklin Joline.
      There are two Henry Horns listed in the index; neither appears to be a connection to your Henry Horn; and there are no Trones:
      Page 549 – Henry Horn married to Mary Schupp, son [38-572] Erwin S. Horn
      Page 1546 – Henry Eyster Horn, b May 30, 1913, son of [196-263] Rev. William Melchior Horn, D.D., LL.D., S.T.D. and Marguerite E. Jacobs
      The Horn family is not noted in our list of families, because we only listed those surnames that had extensive listings in the index. Other names also appear in the GR, but the list would be too large to include everyone. [GR Update File Project Volunteer]

  7. Thanks to several of you! I’ll look in the Denver PL for the reference you’ve listed the next time I research there. Jeanne

  8. I had access to a family tree of ours that showed that my husband was a direct descendant. Unfortunately I an no longer access it. With my limited time and trying to retrace our family tree I am getting stuck. Looking for more information on Hermann Kriebel his father Gustavus/Gustave Kriebel. Thank you Linda & Jesse Kriebel – Michigan

    • Linda Kriebel – I’m doing research for my grandmother’s family for her 90th birthday. Her father was Hermann Kriebel and his father was Gustave also. I know you wrote a year ago, so I’m wondering if you’ll even see this, or if anyone knows anymore information – I can’t seem to get past Gustave. Does anyone know what Hermann did for a living? I have their wedding picture and it looks like he’s in a military uniform and there was another Hermann (different birth and death dates) that worked directly with Hitler, so I’m wondering if anyone knows of any of that too. Thank you anyone for your information!

  9. I see that the surname Schultz is mentioned. What about Shultz? I’m trying to find information about my German Shultz line that settled in Pennsylvania. One of my ancestors is Johan Nicholas Shultz. There is a Jr. and a Sr., although I don’t know if they officially used these suffixes. I have also seen records with it spelled “Shults.” I’m having a hard time finding good information about him and I’m hoping you can help me with this. Some other surnames within this branch of my tree include Schrock, Shontz, and Baker. Any information you can give me will be helpful. Thanks in Advance.

  10. I am a descendant of Daniel Hein who was married to Maria Kreibel (Dec. 4, 1791 to Oct. 13, 1854). I am having trouble finding information on Daniel and any information you can help me with would be appreciated. He is my 4th Great Grandfather. Thank you so much.

    • Stacy VanBuskirk – Not knowing how much you do/do not know about Daniel Hein, I am reporting what is recorded in the “Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families.” Please note that we have Daniel Hein married to Maria YEAKEL with the same birth and death dates as you indicated for Maria KRIEBEL:

      “[208-3] MARIA YEAKEL, b Dec. 4, 1791; d Oct. 13, 1854; dau David and Anna (Kriebel) Yeakel [208-1]; m DANIEL HEIN, b Mar. 8, 1797; d Aug. 9, 1887. Said to have lived in Albany Twp., Berks Co., Pa., on road from Kempton to Hamburg; later in life they lived near Klinesville, Pa.” They had seven children: Joshua, Jonas, Reuben, David, Edwin, Maria, and Anna.

      At the end of their entry, it states “Unable to complete,” indicating there was no more source material submitted/available at the time (1923). [GR Update File Project Volunteer]

  11. Just found out I’m a descendant of Anna Anders. But that’s as far back as my family has traced back hope to find more information soon.

  12. I am a descendant of Samuel Butz and Maria Transue. I just found this link while researching the Butz lineage. Samuel is the son of George and Susanna, born in 1797. Any more and other information would be greatly appreciated.

  13. We were able to trace our family back to Jacob Shubert, 5th great grandfather. Birth 1750 in Philadelphia County, PA , Death 1793 Jacob was married to Sarah Ashton. Their child, Isaac Shubert, was born 1793 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He died in 1856 in Delaware. We are unable to make a connection past Jacob. Any help?

    • Jacob’s birth was not in Philadelphia.
      Name: Jacob Schubert
      Arrival Year: 1754
      Arrival Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      Source Publication Code: 9041
      Primary Immigrant: Schubert, Jacob
      Annotation: Contains 29,800 names, with annotations written by Krebs (see no. 4203). Various references to the names in Strassburger will be found in other listings, mostly where authors have attempted to line up their information with that in Strassburger. This work

      • I seem to be constantly frustrated trying to find the forbears of Isaac Henry Shubert, born in Philadelphia, PA, in 1812. He moved to New Orleans, LA about 1839-1840. He died in 1861, leaving a wife and two sons. There was some contact with relatives in Philadelphia by his grandson, Issac Jacob. I have found Jacob and his son Issac, as well as other children. Since Jacob was about 32-33 at his death in 1794 of yellow fever, he would have been born about 1761. I have found a notation in the St. Michael Zion burial records indicating there was a Jacob, Sr., who was buried next to him. I haven’t given up yet, but I am discouraged!

  14. I am a decendent of Sabina Boyer and Richard Platt from Honeybrook, Pa., parents of Hiram Platt, who is the father of Ralph Morgan Platt, who is the father of my grandfather Ira Reel Platt. My father was Raymond Samuel Platt and my name is Janice Platt Gring. Samuel Boyer was my 4th great-grandfather.

  15. I am a descendant of the Essick and Reinewald / Reinwald / Reinwalt line
    David Rinewalt (1750 – 1822)

    Adam Rinewalt (1773 – 1843)

    lydia R Rinewalt (1816 – 1887)▽

    Dr. Howard Malcolm Essick (1855 – 1918)

    son of lydia R Rinewalt

    Laura Louise Essick (1885 – 1963)

    daughter of Dr. Howard Malcolm Essick

    Joseph Camp Mattson (1908 – 1980)

    son of Laura Louise Essick
    Joseph child is still alive and I am their child.
    I know NOTHING about this line can someone PLEASE give me insight?

  16. I am just beginning to research my family history. My grandfather was Raymond Washburn Wiegner from the Allentown PA area. Is this still an active site?

  17. I am a direct descendant of Melchior Beyer. 8 times great grandfather. You have my 3 times great grandparents in your records Benjamin Franklin Gougler and Eugenia Beyer. I recently found out who Benjamin Franklin Gougler parents are. Elanora “Ellen” B. Fryer and Jesse Gougler. Ellen went on after Jesse died married a Jonas C. Kratz. I see you have an Ellen B. Kratz in records (Genealogical rec. of the Schwenkfelder fams. Sam. Kriebel Brecht, ed. Pennsburg, Pa. 1923. (20, 1752p.):1373, I hoping that you may have more information on her.

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